How to Make Patriotic Non Alcoholic Summer Drinks #nonalcohol #drink

Are you ready to have The Best Patriotic Non Alcoholic Summer Drinks at your holiday Barbeque? Or maybe you are having a neighborhood picnic and want to show up with something that looks like Martha Stewart made it herself. These kid-friendly drinks are all of that and more. Everyone Loves a fun summer drink recipe.

What you will need to make these fun Kid Friendly Summer Drinks is in this picture below. I have the Non Alcoholic Summer Drinks Recipe displayed in list form towards the bottom of the page. You can use a blue juice instead of the PowerAde, but make sure to check out my note in the recipe below. Enjoy!


  • 32 oz. bottle White Cherry Powerade
  • 32 oz. bottle Mixed Berry Powerade Zero
  • 32 oz. Minute Maid Fruit Punch
  • Fun Straws
  • Ice


1. Fill a glass to the top with ice. You may use any size glass you like.

2. First, slowly pour the fruit punch into the glass going about 1/3 of the way up. Pour to the side of the ice so the ice stays free of color.

3. Next, very slowly pour the white cherry Powerade into the glass going about another 1/3 of the way up.

4. Last, very slowly pour the mixed berry Powerade into the glass to the top.

5. Carefully put a straw into your glass and serve immediately.