How To Make Halloween Fingers in A Bun

Yes, yes, I know it’s gross… but it’s Halloween… right??? And as your kids will get older, fun cupcakes, gummy worms, and cute Halloween popsicles, just won’t do anymore!


  • hotdog sausage and safe bun per person
  • tomato sauce / ketchup for blood and other condiments of choice
  • some flaked almonds or a fingernail shape cut from veg of your choice


  1. Use a knife to nick the 'knuckles' of the hotdog fingers, 3 strokes in the middle then 3 near one of the ends
  2. Heat the hotdogs as the instructions say (usually simmer in the brine for a minute or two or microwave for a minute) to open up the slashes you just made and warm the buns
  3. Get full recipe==>>