Amazing Cream Cheese & Salami Keto Pinwheels

I brought pinwheels to every potluck party and would mostly just eat what I brought.

My love for them is serious, y’all.

So I was really excited to make a replacement version that is low carb/keto friendly!

These keto pinwheels are so delicious, you won’t even miss the tortilla!

You’ll Need:

  • 1 8oz block cream cheese
  • 8–10 thin slices of pepperoni and genoa salami *may need more depending on size
  • 4 tbsp. finely diced pickles


  1. Bring cream cheese to room temperature and whip until fluffy
  2. Spread cream cheese in a 1/4 inch thick rectangle in the center of a large piece of plastic wrap
  3. Spread pickles over cream cheese
  4. Place salami over cream cheese in overlapping layers so all cream cheese layer is covered
  5. Place a second piece of plastic wrap over salami layer and gently press down
  6. Flip entire rectangle over so bottom cream cheese layer is now facing the top
  7. Carefully peel back plastic wrap off top cream cheese layer
  8. Begin rolling into log shape slowly removing bottom layer of plastic wrap as you go
  9. Place pinwheel in tight plastic wrap and refrigerate at least 4 hours, overnight preferred
  10. Slice into preferred thickness