The Best Home Hacks: 6 Foolproof Office Organization Tips

If there is one spot in the home that requires good organization to maintain function, it’s the home office! With electronics, office supplies, papers, books, files and more, an office can quickly become cluttered and dysfunctional. Creating an organized office doesn’t have to require a huge budget or intense DIY skills, however. Here we’re excited and ready to bring you some clever, inexpensive, and simple office organization tips as part five in our Home Hacks Series that will transform your office from messy to magnificent.

1. DIY Dry Erase Boards from Old Frames

Any and every busy office space requires a big board for jotting down notes, to-do lists, calendar events, and more. Instead of forking over lots of cash for a boring and industrial-style office white board, consider making some dry-erase boards out of old frames. Not only do old frames bring loads of character to a space, but can often yield cheaper and more charming results! Any frames with good, solid structure and glass panes can be made into dry-erase boards. Here, old cabinet doors were given a functional makeover.

Here’s What You Need:

  • Old frame, window, cabinet door
  • Painters tape
  • Primer
  • Paint or spray paint
  • Foam core board cut to the size of the glass panes
  • Wallpaper or wrapping paper
  • Spray adhesive
  • Vinyl decals (optional)
  • Hanging hardware
  • Tools: Screwdriver, X-acto knife, household cleaner, brayer, scissors, tape measure, ruler

Here’s What You Do

  1. Start by removing any and all hardware from the frame(s), if there is any.
  2. Clean down the wood and glass with household cleaner and let dry.
  3. If possible, remove the glass panes before painting. If the glass isn’t easily removed, cover all the glass surfaces with paper and secure with painters tape. Use an X-acto knife to get clean edges around the frame.
  4. Prime the frame, and then give the frames 2-3 light coats of spray paint in your choice of color.
  5. While the paint dries, cut down sheets of foam core to fit snugly inside the frames (behind the glass) with an X-acto knife.
  6. Cover the foam boards in spray adhesive and roll on sheets of decorative wrapping paper cut to size. Smooth out any and all bubbles before placing the foam core boards into the frames behind the glass.
  7. Add vinyl decals to designate sections of the wipe board(s) if desired.
  8. Hang the frames using mounting hardware.
  9. Consider grouping several small frames together to create one large organizational display!

2. Extra Large Cork Board

Materials + Tools:
Cork Placemats (I used Ikea Avskild (pack of 4) qty 3 packs) *Note: since the cork isn’t thick enough for standard pins, you have a few options. 1. double up the cork, use standard pins (cost would be $24 instead of $12 for the cork) 2. one layer of cork, insert standard pins at an angle 3. one layer of cork, clip the tips off of standard pins so they firmly grab)

Trim: qty 7 – 8′ pieces (I used synthetic 3/4″ white molding, it’s a good bit cheaper than real wood, about $2 for an 8′ piece)

3M 77 Super Adhesive

Liquid Nails

1/4″ Luann sheet (or any plywood) (4’x8′)

Wood Veneer Edge

Jig Saw or Circular Saw

Miter saw (optional, if you want trim edges to be mitered)

1. First we laid out the luann and prepped the cork placemats. *Note: my placemats were a different color on the front and back, make sure that your colors match prior to adhering them to the plywood.

On a drop cloth, we sprayed one side of the cork placemat and then adhered it to the luann.

How to Make it:

1. We started in the upper left corner and laid them flush, 4 across and 3 down.

2. Then we cut the luan out with the jigsaw. *Note: Most home improvement stores will make a few cuts for free, so you could get it pre cut in store.

3. Apply trim around the outside.

We used an all purpose Liquid Nails Adhesive. Make sure it is fairly even and not too thick so it doesn’t come out the edges.

4. Next, start covering the seams in between the placemats. Find the center and place the horizontal pieces.

Secure sections with adhesive.

Finish covering the seams by measuring and cutting the vertical sections and securing with adhesive.

5. Cover the outer edge of the luann, cork, and trim with veneer edging. My edge measured 1/2″, but my veneer was 3/4″, so I trimmed it down to 1/2″ with an X-ACTO Knife.

Measure each side and cut 4 pieces of veneer. Apply to the sides with an iron, following instructions on the package. Paint the edging white to match molding.

This makes a clean edge and only takes are few minutes!

This would be perfect for organizing inspiration in an office/studio, a command center in a kitchen/entry or to display family photos in a family room!

This project was super easy, only taking a few hours in an evening! There are also endless opportunities for customization, so get creative!

3. Fabric Covered Office Chair

Some fabric and Mod Podge transform a boring, off-the-shelf office chair into a glamorous and comfy office necessity. Pick a fabric that matches your style and color scheme for a perfectly personalized chair.

4. Storage Boxes for Routers

Nothing makes an office feel more messy and cluttered than electronics and cables strewn about. Repurpose decorative paper boxes into pretty and unsuspecting hiding places for these unsightly must-haves.

5. Hideaway Printer Storage

The printer is another office staple that can often feel in the way. Bring in a dresser for extra office storage and then use this clever tutorial for transforming one of the drawers into a rolling, hideaway printer nook!

6. Cord Tags

Nothing can drive one crazier than trying to figure out what plug belongs to which electronic device. Eliminate the confusion by adding adorable washi tape tags to each plug. Be sure to label both ends in color-coordinated tapes to keep track of what’s plugged in and what’s not!