15 Botanical Wallpapers to Bring the Beauty of Indoors to Your Home #wallpapers

Botanical wallpapers are certainly having their moment now. They are a very popular addition to home decor and considering a wide range of motifs, design, and colors, there is something for everyone's taste. Here are some wonderful botanical wallpapers that will bring the freshness and beauty of indoors to your home.

1. Fern & Leaves Botanical Wallpaper

The dark background of this botanical wallpaper makes the fern and leaves look even more striking.

2. Vintage Botanical Illustration Wallpaper

This absolutely amazing wallpaper is inspired by botanical illustrations from the 19th century, and it includes large-scale bellflowers, honeysuckle, fritillaria, and many more.

3. Green Watercolor Leaves Wallpaper

Large light green banana leaves are turned into an appealing pattern that would work in almost any interior.

4. Botanical Blues Pattern

Another watercolor wallpaper, but this time an interesting pattern featuring subtle blue, green, and purple leaves and branches.

5. Colorful Daisy Pattern Wallpaper

The dense pattern of blue and red daisies make this wallpaper so decorative and striking.

6. Silver Botanical Leaves Wallpaper

The silver outlines of large-scale stylised leaves make this wallpaper perfect for a living room with bright-colored furniture.

7. Monstera & Palm Wallpaper

This one surely brings a tropical and boho vibe. It will turn your home into a green, leafy heaven.

8. Neutral Botanical Pattern Wallpaper

If you'd like to bring a classic vintage vibe to your home, a wallpaper with a neutral, subtle botanical pattern could do the service, but it will also add a modern touch.

9. Large-Scale Floral Wallpaper

Floral papers are becoming increasingly popular, especially those with large-scale flowers that bring a rich feeling without being tacky.

10. Lily Flowers Wallpaper

If you love lilies, this stunning mural will be your favorite. You will enjoy wonderful blue and purple shades on white background with loose, ink outlines.

11. Cacti Wallpaper

The simplified lines and muted colors of this gorgeous blooming cacti would bring such a joy and a lot of texture to any interior.

12. Vintage Bouquet Pink Wallpaper

This fabric-like wallpaper features a stylised floral arrangement with appealing contrasting colors of burgundy, muted pink, greys, and whites, making it perfect for a living room.

13. Bluebell Floral Wallpaper

Designed to decorate the bottom of the wall, this beautiful watercolor wallpaper with bluebell, primrose, and honeysuckle will bring the beauty of a flower garden and fragrant meadows to your home.

14. Doodle Botanical Wallpaper

A simple ink doodle turned into an appealing pattern, make this all-black-and-white mural so stylish and lovely.

15. Leaves & Birds Wallpaper

This amazing wallpaper with printed leaves and simplified birdies would make a stylish, and a bit of whimsical addition to your home decor.