DIY Floating Pool Cooler for Less Than $5 #DIY

With just these simple items, you can easily make a floating pool cooler for less than $5. I love projects that are budget friendly, easy and really cool. 🙂

This DIY floating pool cooler is so fun and you can make it for less than $5! Beat the heat and make this pool beverage cooler to enjoy all Summer long.

DIY Floating Pool Cooler

We have the best DIY project for you that will be a blast this Summer. Make this DIY Floating Pool Cooler and have ice cold beverages nearby while you enjoy the pool.

No need to get out when you can just grab a drink from this floating cooler. Keep ice and drinks handy for when you need to quench that thirst poolside.

We had a blast making ours and it was SO easy! We filled it up with juice boxes the other day and the kids thought it was awesome.

For just a few dollars, this cooler can be ready to enjoy in no time at all. Plus, you will save so much time having this cooler handy.

Whenever the kids get thirsty, just grab the floating cooler. No one ever has to leave the pool.

This is the best thing ever! Seriously!

Make a pool beverage cooler today!

If you have ever wondered how are pool floats made, this easy DIY will show you step by step how to make one.

The process is simple and you can put this together in hardly any time at all. This is one of my most favorite DIY Projects.

We are loving it in our pool. It is so convenient.

What all do you need to make a floating ice chest?

  • Plastic bin with a lip around the upper edge
  • Pool Noodle
  • String or Rope

How to make a cooler float:

1. Measure the rope around the plastic bin and cut the appropriate length. You’ll need enough to go around the entire plastic bin and to make a loop on one end so that the bin can be pulled around the pool easily.

2. Cut a pool noodle so that it can go around the entire plastic bin. You’ll need 4 individual noodles.

3. String the rope through the pool noodles and line them up under the lip of the bin.

4. Once the rope has gone through all the noodles, pull tightly and tie a knot to secure the noodles under the lip of the plastic bin.

5. Tie another knot at the very end of the rope to create a loop at the end of the bin. This is so that the pool cooler can be easily pulled around the pool.

Now you know how to make a diy pool float!

Pool noodle crafts are so fun and easy. I always pick up a few extra pool noodles on clearance at the end of the season to make crafts with. We are always making something around here.