40+ Most Amazing Hanging Plants Ideas at the End of the Year

Gardening is a fun hobby for most people. Seeing the flowers blooming and green leaves can comfort the heart and enlighten the mind.

One way to decorate a house is to add green plants and flowers that give fresh, natural color and fragrance to the place of residence. However, back to the problem of land, conventional plants that are directly planted on the ground require a house. Depending on the choice of hanging plants.

Hanging Plants As An Efficient Gardening Solution

As the name, hanging plants are planted in soil media in pots that are hung using ropes or wires. This system is very efficient because it does not require large land or a lot of planting media. So that the hanging plants are right made a very efficient gardening solution.

Various types of plants can be planted with a hanging system. The following are beautiful plants that can decorate a house as a hanging plant:

1. Begonia Flowers With Many Different Types

Plants originating from the plains of Africa and Southeast Asia have more than 1,500 species spread throughout the world. This type of hanging plant is very suitable for planting in tropical or sub-tropical.

2. Decorate The House With Orchid Flowers

Orchid is one of the most popular types of ornamental flowers in the world. With a variety of styles and colors, Aggrek is the perfect choice as a hanging plant in various situations.

3. Geranium Flowers, Hanging Plants Of Various Colors

Also known as Bill Crane, Geranium can be found in almost all the world. This beautiful plant comes from South Africa which is very suitable for the tropical climate. This flower can be planted and hung on the yard or terrace of the house. The colors are very diverse ranging from red, white, easy red, blue or purple – making this type of plant bored and beautiful to look at.

4. Zygocactus Is Resistant To Hot Air

This plant is needed from a cactus family whose flower types require heat that can grow well. Its heat-resistant properties make this hanging plant grow long and require painstaking care

5. Petunia Flowers, Tiny Leafy Hanging Plants

Petunia flowers have a small flower shape. With a leaf shape that forms a heart or oval. The crown of Petunia can look like a single or double pedal with a beautiful trumpet-like shape.

6. Lobelia That Brings Coolness

These plants can usually grow to around 5 cm to 9 cm, but some also grow up to 90 cm. Lobelia plants have purplish light blue flowers with yellowish leaves. Besides blue, these flowers are also red, white and pink.

7. Dew Fern Flowers

Fern plants have long been a favorite ornamental plant. This ornamental plant is very suitable to be made as decoration in the room or outdoors.

No Need To Bother Caring For Hanging Plants

Besides being easy to plant and can be hung anywhere, there are many types and choices of hanging plants that can be easily understood. Various types of plants can be selected and adapted to the theme of the house that is inhabited. Some residences in modern times do not have enough space to fulfill and care for plants. So it is not wrong, if hanging plants are the main choice that you want to decorate your house, but do not have sufficient land.

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