How to Create a Master Bedroom That is Cozy and Cute! #bedroomdesign #homeinterior

Today I'm sharing some tips on how to create a neutral and cozy master bedroom! One you can relax in, be proud of and enjoy!

Does anyone else feel like sometimes the Master Bedroom is the LAST place to get attention when it comes to decorating? If you are like me, you close the door when people come over so they don’t see the mess! You do whatever you can just to keep that little gem hidden from the world. Haha!

For YEARS in this house, our master bedroom was a mixture of stuff. I would buy new bedding thinking that would be “enough” and make me love it, and it just never was. It was never a spot I loved or wanted to spend time in, it was just a spot for sleeping.

A few years ago, we decided our project would be our master bedroom and that we finally wanted to focus some time and budget there! Man oh man, I’m so glad we did! I truly love our room now. It feels more like a retreat at the end of a long day, rather than an eye sore.

Today I’m sharing some tips on how to create a neutral and cozy master bedroom! One you can relax in, be proud of and enjoy!

Here is a list of things we did to our room when we changed things up:

Paint! We had the room painted in Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige. Paint can make one of the biggest impacts when decorating!
We got rid of the cherry headboard we had since we first got married and we got a linen upholstered headboard.
I lucked into 2 adorable matching nightstands at old time pottery!
New bedding! I went for the super neutral look of ivory, because I knew I wanted to be able to change out my pillows for different seasons. It has worked perfectly!
Painted furniture! I painted the long dresser and the tall chest from Cherry and dark wood, to white and bright! That was a game changer and so much less expensive than replacing and buying new!
Rug! Putting that larger rug under the bed was the perfect touch.
Little coordinating bench was a Marshall’s find and went so good with the headboard.
Craigslist find chair to create a cozy little area for sitting. If you have space- ALWAYS add a chair (or 2) to your room!
DECOR AND PILLOWS!! The sky is the limit here! Bringing in things like pillows and throws, little trays, wall d├ęcor, etc. will make all the difference!

Adding those different elements all added up to a total room transformation and made a HUGE impact!

Most recently, I got those cute buffalo check pillows from my boys for Christmas. (They came from Kirkland’s). I also replaced the Euro Shams with these cable knit ones from Wayfair and I love them so much more than what I had before that always stayed so wrinkled! Mine are the color Gray, but there are several color options to pick from! I really love the silver too!

Did this project take some time and money? Yes, it did. But I truly feel it was worth every penny and then some! I write this to encourage you that it is ok to decorate for YOU!! So what if the door is closed most of the time and not many people see your bedroom?! YOU SEE IT!

Every day and every night. You see your room. If you have it within your means to make some changes, even if you start small and do little bits at a time. Decorate your room for YOU! I promise you will love the feeling of a cozy room at the end of the day. I know I do!

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Here is a picture of our master bedroom from back in the day! I wish I had more…but back then I didn’t blog so I didn’t take too many pics of it! Can you believe the difference?!