The Best 10+ Simple and Futuristic Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Each house certainly has a bathroom in it. As a vital room, the bathroom can also look boring from time to time. Simple and futuristic impressions that are developing lately can also be applied to bathroom remodeling ideas.

Bathrooms that usually only function for bathing until other personal hygiene activities will have more value if renewed. Many bathroom remodeling ideas can be applied depending on their wishes and preferences. Challenges cannot be avoided. Not enough to change the color or style of the floor, bathroom remodeling also requires a lot of consideration related to the ornaments.

Stand In A Simple And Futuristic Bathroom With Remodeling Ideas

The bathroom doesn’t have to be fancy or glamorous. Even the bathroom with a limited area can provide comfort when using it. The following are simple and futuristic bathroom remodeling ideas that can be applied:

1. Corner Sink That Saves Space

The existence of a sink sometimes is not realized can interfere with the movement paths available in the bathroom. By placing the sink in the corner or across the toilet will give the impression of being spacious and better than the sink opposite the shower. This is because the opening of the bathroom door can make an uncomfortable impression in a narrow space.

2. Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Using Shower Curtains

If the shower glass barrier is usually used, then replacing it with curtains can save space. Curtains also add privacy while adding to the beauty of the appearance of a small bathroom. Light and bright curtain material will also make the room look more spacious.

3. Select The Sink Temple Table

Another way in bathroom remodeling ideas is to install a sink that attaches to the wall so that it provides little room for other small items.

4. Experiment With Bold Colors

Adding bold color elements in the bathroom is another option in bathroom remodeling ideas to give a futuristic impression. Colors like yellow, orange, red or pink in the bathroom. The presence of striking colors will make the bathroom look new.

5. Install A Large Mirror

The nature of the mirror that is able to give a wider impression can also be used for bathroom decor. In addition, the use of a large mirror can also save space available so that it can be used by two people at once.

6. Install A Towel Hanger On The Door

This one bathroom remodeling ideas can be applied to a small bathroom. The installation of a towel hanger on the bathroom door will have a dual function, besides being able to save space, the towel hanger on the door is very efficient, thus expanding the space.

7. Using A Tap Attached To The Wall

For the sake of giving enough space for the sink or table area, remodeling the bathroom by installing a tap attached to the wall, will free up space in the entire bathroom

8. Play In Large Scale Patterns As Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Line patterns or large geometric shapes can cause eye tricks so that the small bathroom looks wider. This trick will make the bathroom have a futuristic impression.

9. Streamline The Place With A Single Shelf Sink Table

Apart from being able to hang towels, the design of a table with one rack can double to keep a basket of toilet paper.

10. Sink Trough Model

This sink model is one of the tiny bathroom remodeling ideas, which also gives an elegant impression. The appearance of the space will be more interesting. When installing against the wall, this low profile trough sink will free up space around the floor as storage or expand the movement space.

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